The hunt has begun! Check some of the hints gave by the store owners here:

The Hunt starts at NebuchadNezzar Mainstore –

1 – NebuchadNezzar – Look out for the Biohazard!

2 – Beauty Killer –  These girls are purple and glowy, one of them is holding the special item

3 – Partners of Crime Gesture – No hint given

4 – Not in the hunt, please skip to the next store SLURL –

5 – Grim Bros – look under the restart prophecy

6 – Sinister Designs – No response yet, skip for the next store SLURL –

7 – Not in the Hunt, please skip to the next store SLURL –

8 – Absent Designs – no hint given

9 – AIDORU – hey! whassup, what’s new?

10 – Razorblade Jacket – Hint: I see Pink Lights

11 – RetoX – No hint given

12 – Cortes N Rossini – No hint given

13 – Clous 9.1 – Hunting through fire and brimstone can make you thirsty…

14 – BedlaM – you don’t need a Posse to find the gift, but it helps

15 – Dark Vission – under the sea, under the sea;darling its better, down where its wetter;take it from me

16 – COGOO – Jump in the swamp! You’re almost there^^

17 – Junk Food – where all the cool kids hang out

18 – Love Zombie – Hey Dollie have you had Too Much Sugar?

19 – Props N Poses – Ask the snowman where its at; if he doesn’t tell you, knock his hat off.

20 – Empathy – Where plants swirl about the room ; Is the place to await your doom

21 – VIRUS – has many eyes and can see things underground

22 – Limehouse – Look for the green gift box…oh but which one?

23 – Glam Trash – No response, please skip to the next store SLURL –

24 – REPULSE – No hint given

25 – OFFICINA DMD – No hint given

26 – A n S visions –No hint given

27 – Ema´s – Everyone claps for you when you enter the room.

28 – Yellow Jester – no hint given


Hello Hunters!

What you will look for at this hunt is this green glowy Radioactive object! Be on eyes on the hint that will be posted soon on the blog, and want to remind again, the hunt starts at this Sunday! (november 21th)

Happy Hunting!


The Hunt starts at NebuchadNezzar Mainstore –

The Post Apocalyptic Mutants Hunt starts next week on the 21st!

We have some awesome stores that are participating!

Tp to one of the stores below if you would like to join the group as a hunter.

 The hunt sign should be in their stores! Store list: NebuchadNezzar, Beauty Killer, Partners of Crime Gestures, The U-Neek, Grim Bros, Sinister Designs, Weather! Or not?, Absent Designs, AIDORU, Razorblade jacket, !ReTox!, Cortes’n’Rossini, Cloud 9.1, [BedlaM], Dark Vision, [[[COGOO]]], Junk food, Love Zombie, Props-N-Poses, emPathy, VIRUS, Limehouse, Glam Trash, REPULSE, *Officina DMD*, A and S visions, Ema’s & Yellow JesteR

We got 27 stores participating at this hunt. As this is my first hunt organization, i am really excited to see what everyone has to share with us soon… You can check the store names at this link :

Hunters can join the group for future hint access : (copy and paste it into your chat history)

There will be a blogger coverage by Shangreloo Kuhn , wich at now will be the official blogger about the Post Apocalyptics Mutants Hunt.
Blog: On the Loose in Second Life
Blog URL:



Stores Confirmed so far can be confirmed on this spreadsheets link:

Howdy people!

The P.A.M Hunt group is open to join! As you wish to receive information and hints in future about this hunt, i advise you to take a place at our group !

Just simply paste this line or click this link with your SL viewer open and it will give you the group window.


We hope to see you there!

Post Apocalyptic Mutants Hunt – P.A.M Hunt

Presented by:
NebuchadNezzar – NDN – Industrial Cybergoth Gear and
Beauty Killer

Organized by: trilochankaur Rehula and KEVINN Draconia


Starts november21th

Ends december21th




We hear a lot about the Mayan story of their calendar ending in 2012, so why not we get prepared for it?

All we have to do is to stay prepared on what to come, even if we have to become mutants, or not, we have to stay dressed as well!

That´s why we are organizing this hunt in a Post Apocalyptic theme, because we all will need something to dress after the show ends.

We, mutants, will seek anything like : Hair, clothes, accessories, anything that is related to Post Apocalyptic Theme.

The hunt is open to any store who wishes to participate, as long you can maintain the hunt theme! AND YOU ARE INVITED!




To subscribe for this hunt, please copy this text below and create a new notecard, then fill up and rename it to “P.A.M Hunt – Store name” and return the notecard to trilochankaur Rehula (Will organize the designers)


Post Apocalyptic Mutants Hunt – P.A.M
This notecard is for the subscription of your store to this hunt. You are free to create anything as long you can stay on Post Apocalyptic theme.
Unisex options will be good if you can make, because all we want is to drive people of both sexes to join the hunt.

Idea on what you will do for this hunt?:

Please return the completed form to trilochankaur Rehula, owner of NebuchadNezzar

Rename the notecard to “P.A.M Hunt – Store name”


The hunt start will be at NebuchadNezzar Mainstore –

And there will be a group exclusively for the Hunt, so designers can post their hints to help out the hunters, wich is free to join! (On Second Life Search type –  P.A.M hunt )

Designers after join the group will receive a special TAG to send out notices of the hints.

So Designer if you dont have space for a group, i advise to just give out one group space, it will be good for you (as you will help with the hints)!

There will be the official blog for this hunt – .

So we are gonna write a few lines of understanding, to avoid problems in future:

-Please refrain from contacting designers directly with any issues. All queries should be directed to trilochankaur Rehula or KEVINN Draconia in the form of NOTECARDS ONLY.

-Please respect all designers, sims, and stores you are in and also respect other hunters.

-Please keep your ARC (Avatar Rendering Cost) as low as you can so as not to lag up the sims.

-Please pick up your boxes yourself, if you want to open your packages on anyones sim.

Have fun and bring your friends!